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The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is an independent regulatory body of the South African government, established in 2000 by the ICASA Act to regulate both the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors in the public interest.

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Rapid technological developments have led to the convergence of broadcasting and telecommunications services.

This also had an influence on the convergence of regulation resulting in the merging of the IBA and SATRA.

ICASA functions under the Department of Communications (Do C).

It was initially composed of seven Council members.

The ICASA amendment Act of 2006 included the Postal services, previously regulated by the Postal Authority into ICASA’s mandate.

It increased the Council members from seven to nine to accommodate the new members from the Postal Authority.

ICASA’s mandate is to regulate electronic communications (i.e.broadcasting and telecommunications) and postal services in the public interest.It derives its mandate from the following primary pieces of legislation (and subsequent amendments thereto): In South Africa, the first radio and television broadcasts were done in 19 respectively.The first Broadcasting Act was promulgated in 1936 and it established the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) solely for radio broadcasting.In 1976, the Broadcasting Act was amended to include television broadcasting.The National Party government came into power in 1948 and established the apartheid regime.