Who is reichen dating

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Who is reichen dating

I knew things were kaput between Reichen Lehmkuhl and Ryan Barry when I noticed Ryan had changed his relationship status on Facebook. I don’t know him well but he’s always been very sweet whenever I’ve talked to him.

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It’s clear that he is bitter about this latest break-up. Reichen has also changed his status to “single” and posted the following headline: “You Shady Lying Sack of (expletive).

His previous relationship were with singer Lance Bass and with activist Chip Arndt with home he won “Race.” Reichen’s Dating Tips for Hollywood 1.

Never believe them when they say they’re in love with you. Never believe them when they tell you where their heart is. Never believe them when they say they’re only going to sleep with you, especially when there is a social climbing opportunity in front of them. Never underestimate their need for celebrity, money, and fame. Never believe you can fix it by being true or nice. Never EVER believe love is more important to them than anything Hollywood.

No, Daley and Black haven’t started an escort service.

winner Reichen Lehmkuhl remains in the media spotlight because of his former relationship with ‘NSync singer Lance Bass, and he wants that association to end.

Last week, Star magazine reported “that the Amazing Race winner sent a letter to Lance’s rep on October 25 that threatened to sue the pop singer, claiming his remarks in the November issue of GQ were defamatory.

These comments angered Reichen so much that the actor’s attorney allegedly wrote to Lance’s rep, saying ‘demand is made that Mr.

Bass immediately cease and desist commenting on our client.'” On his blog, Reichen now confirms that his lawyers sent the letter, although he says “No one is suing anyone. It is my wish that my ex-relationship discontinue referring to me in the media in association with expressing his personal feelings about me, that he discontinue attacking my current relationship(s) in the print-media and, more than anything, that all events, including the drama surrounding them, from that year of my life, simply go away.

I choose to no longer pay attention to it.” Reichen says his relationship with Lance Bass “and the drama that surrounded it, destroyed much of what I have worked to accomplish and stand for, what I’ve worked to be associated with, and how I am viewed as an individual.

” Now, he wants to be “no longer associated with this ex-relationship or the people involved in prolonging its existence, and that I’m no longer associated with that time of my life, in general.” By the way, if Reichen’s demands to be respected for what he was (a reality show winner who got really famous for dating the man he now doesn’t want to be associated with) don’t do it, this will really make your head explode.

Reichen and Lance allegedly split because of another reality show cast member: Davis Mallory, cast member who drunkenly used the n-word.

Earlier this year, Davis actually confirmed rumors that he once hooked up with Reichen in Atlanta, although he insisted that he thought Reichen was single at the time.