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Who is nicole mitchell murphy dating - sexsearch dating

" co-host Michael Strahan has allegedly split from his fiancee of three years, "VH1 Exes" star Nicole Murphy.

We're told that the two broke up over the weekend when Michael traveled back home L.A., where Nicole still lives, as Michael lives in New York during the week in order to tape "Live!With Kelly & Michael." Our source tells us Michael discovered inappropriate text messages in Nicole's phone between her and someone named "London Taylor," and Michael was anything but pleased.A screaming match allegedly went down with accusations of cheating being thrown around.Another source close to the couple tells us that Nicole believes Michael could have jumped to these conclusions simply because he possibly could be doing the same thing in New York when Nicole is not there.If you recall, Nicole was the lead video girl (screenshot above) in a very steamy video recently with a new artist of the same name. He then, according to our source, informed Nicole that he needed a break, and the two have not spoken since.

And many were wondering why she would do such a sexualized video, and with a new artist. But when asked if the break up would stick, the source tells us, Remember a few years ago there was some souse about how he secretly put a gps on her car?Nicole reportedly claimed that it was a way for her to publicize her jewelry line, FLP. It seems trust issues have been a problem with these two for a while.Meanwhile the long distance relationship is not helping.But what choice does Nicole have (um, besides texting suspect dudes)?I mean, she can't uproot her 5 kids from LA to be closer to a fiance with a new gig. Brotha looked hella nervous & figgety; he was even making Kelly uncomfortable!He looked handsome though; I just wanted him to relax. I also uploaded my hot photos on --------Millionαiretαg,c o M-------under the name of jeff1098.. Bobbi Kristina and Michael Strahan type of people are already not attractive people and the Gaps makes them look even worse. He helped himself to Nicole's money and now that he as some of his own - BYE BIDDY!

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