Vb net datagrid cellvalidating

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I would like to save the new cell's value with the Cell Validated Event with the Formatted Value.Its works but when i change a cell empty, Formatted Value is empty too.

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In a lot of books and articles that I've read on this control, it seems to suggest that the appropriate event to handle for this is the Cell Validating one. However, this event triggers a bit too often for my tastes and I'm not sure it is required.For example, this event triggers everytimes the users switches to another row.On the other hand, the Cell Value Changed event seems to trigger only when the value of the cell changes, which means the validation code runs only when the value changes and not everytime a user changes cells.Now, since so many books use the Cell Validating event, I wonder if there is not any gotcha (in display for example) with using the Cell Value Changed?Hi there, I have a question regarding datagridview, I add data to the datagridview in an interface and all the validation for the datagridview cell is in the datagridview cell validating event for the datagridview.I display the data of the is datagridview in another interface and make the cells read-only. But the thing is when I click on a row that data was added previously and press the Add new row the cell validating event is triggered.

How can I disable the cell validating event for the rows that was added before???

A: If you want take input directly in datagridview, column of string type takes any input but Data Grid View default error dialog is shown when making invalid input i-e 123a for integer type column that asks to handle the Data Error event of datagridview . Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args) Handles Data Grid View1.

So you can use Cell Validating event of Data Grid View to validate integer type column as well as other. Cell Validating Dim cell As Data Grid View Cell = Data Grid View1.

Steps: Private Sub Data Grid View1_Cell Validating(By Val sender As System.

Is In Edit Mode Then Dim c As Control = Data Grid View1.

I have a Datagrid View in my Winform and i can change all cells's value.