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In this paper, the water distribution system at the Upper city of a well-preserved medieval town of Hasankeyf near the Tigris is questioned and its relation to the urban settlement pattern is assessed.

Although a considerable number of converted cisterns hallmark shifts in the function of the water system and the changing conjectures over time, the blue prints of such a big “hydro-design” reveal the competence of semi-arid occupational environments in Upper Mesopotamia in showing how to cope with the topographical constraints and climatic disadvantages and turn these into an opportunity through the efficient use of terrain along with a carefully designed settlement area.That the Upper city now offers numerous water features makes this piece of land quite a representative of the regional works and shows the apex of the perception of ancient technology achieved with the siphon that could have been launched in the Roman era, and the state of art of planning ancient natural and man-made habitats.On the advice of her GP she rushed to Stafford Hospital for an urgent scan only to be told that, because it was Friday evening, there were no scanning facilities available and she needed to come back after the weekend. But it's left me angry and confused and forever wondering 'what if?Her story exposes disturbing new failings at the hospital and casts serious doubts over its claims that standards of care have improved since the NHS regulator, the Healthcare Commission, published a damning investigation into it. '" Miss Welsh, a petite woman with a blonde bob and steel grey eyes, recalls the moment when her ordeal began."I had only just found out a few days before that I was pregnant, so it was all very early," she said."But on the day before Valentine's Day I started to get severe cramps and started to bleed.

"Obviously I was scared that I had started to miscarry so on the advice of my GP I went to Stafford Hospital A&E at around 7.30pm." It was feared that Miss Welsh may have been suffering from an ectopic pregnancy – in which the fertilised egg begins to grow inside a woman's Fallopian tube instead of the uterus.Unless treated urgently this can have fatal consequences for the mother-to-be, as the tube can rupture and lead to internal bleeding.But to her dismay, instead of being scanned to establish whether she was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy and required emergency surgery, Miss Welsh was told that there was no one available to carry out the necessary ultrasound scan.The 30-year-old said: "I was sent home at 11.30pm – after a four hour wait -under the instruction to take pain relief as needed because it was a Friday evening and there was nobody available to scan me to diagnose the problem.I was really angry and I still am "It's unbelievable that nobody was available to scan me from Friday evening until the start of the following week.Women have babies all the time, they don't wait until its convenient.