Updating smart playlist

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As you can see in the above screenshot I have my playlist sorted by ‘Date Added’ which is exactly how I want things ordered.

The selected column to sort by also effects how playlists are displayed in the i Phone Remote App.I noticed the other day that Smart Playlists were not syncing correctly to both my wife and my own i Phone.I found one fix that allowed the sort order to be correct, but disabled the Live updating function of the Smart Playlists.Which meant that every time an attribute of the playlist was updated (Such as rating a new song for my ‘5 Stars’ playlist) nothing was updated upon syncing with my i Phone. Macbook Pro 1.83 Ghz Snow Leopard 10.6.1 i Tunes 9.0.1 i Phone OS 3.1 If you have an improvement please leave a comment.Understanding the Basics of Playlists and Smart Playlists Managing Playlists in i Tunes Managing Smart Playlists in i Tunes Community Q&A A playlist allows you to group your favorite songs together.i Tunes allows you to add or remove songs based off of your personal selection with two types of playlists, a standard playlist and a smart playlist.

i Tunes gives you management options to organize your music and give ideas to make new playlists based on your habits.

Understand the key differences between playlist types, how they work and how to add or remove from a playlist.

Community Q&A Always wondered about the smart playlists in i Tunes, but never successfully created a great one?

Here's how to create an awesome two hour playlist that will play your favorite tracks, tracks you've not listened to recently, and tracks you might have forgotten about.

: I was playing around with my smart playlists this morning and discovered an additional tidbit of information that may be useful for some.

When syncing smart playlists, pay attention to which column you have the ordered the music by.