Updating deployment share

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Updating deployment share

Intel, Broadcom, and all the other network card manufacturers are really bad about making minor revisions to their hardware that require an updated version of the driver.

When in doubt, I always start with the OEM’s web site to see that I have the latest driver they’re supporting. When it doesn’t, I’ll usually go to the network card manufacturer’s web site or do a search on the hardware ID to track down a current driver. If so, don’t forget that MDT 2013 uses Windows PE 5.0, which uses the same drivers as Windows 8.1.

Many times, the hardware manufacturer will have newer drivers than your OEM has. If you deploy Windows 7 with MDT 2013, the computer boots into Windows PE 5.0, lays down the WIM file, injects drivers, and then reboots into Windows 7.

Windows PE 5.0 may not require network drivers for a particular network chipset, but because Windows 7 doesn’t have the hardware drivers included, you’ll receive the “The following networking device did not have a driver installed” error right after Windows boots and realizes it doesn’t have the right driver installed.

If you’re deploying an OS to very new hardware running fast SSD drives, you could run into a problem I had recently.

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to deploy an operating system to computers from your Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) server and receiving the error, “A connection to the deployment share (\mdt\Deployment Share) could not be made.” In this article, I’ll discuss several causes of this error, along with solutions to get you back up and deploying faster.

Kyle Beckman works as a systems administrator in Atlanta, GA supporting Office 365 in Higher Education.

He has 17+ years of systems administration experience. Unless you’re creating offline media with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) for your operating system deployment (OSD), you’ll probably run into network issues at some point because the clients you deploy have to access the MDT deployment share.

This typically results in the error, “A connection to the deployment share (\mdt\Deployment Share) could not be made,” along with something more specific to help in tracking down the error.

Here are a few of the most common errors I’ve encountered, along with solutions to fix them.

This one may sound totally obvious, but I’ve wanted to beat my head against the desk a few times when dealing with getting the right drivers for a system.

If your MDT server doesn’t have the right drivers for a NIC, you may see, “The following networking device did not have a driver installed,” followed by a hardware ID.

The following networking device did not have a driver installed.