Truth about being overweight and dating

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Truth about being overweight and dating - Sexy chat stories

It's been a challenge for researchers to determine whether prejudice against heavy women is due to their weight in particular, or merely the more general diminished attractiveness associated with that weight.

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The gender gap would seem to suggest beauty, not flab, is causing the prejudice.

Smith agrees that women face a high beauty mandate, meaning that unattractiveness is less socially acceptable in women than in men.

But compared with other appearance factors, excess weight draws extra scrutiny.

"Fat women are deemed that they could be [attractive], but they lack the control to do so.

If the choice between being fat and thin were a simple, conscious decision, most of us would likely be slender.

Nevertheless, new research suggests that the discrimination and prejudice faced by overweight people, especially women, are driven by the preconceived notion that body fat is somehow optional.

"Fat women experience both the stigma of unattractiveness and the stigma that they lack control," writes researcher Christine A.

Smith in a new literature review published online Jan. It's that perceived lack of self-discipline that leads to prejudice, said Smith, of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

"If people are, say, unattractive due to a facial deformity, there tends to be a sympathy factor" that mitigates discrimination against them, Smith said.

But because many people think weight is controllable, "for large folks, there doesn't tend to be the sympathy factor." Size and prejudice In her article, Smith reviewed experimental and survey-based studies from the past two decades.

Previous research has shown that overweight women tend to date less, marry less often, and earn lower salaries than thin women.

However, thin, unattractive women suffer similarly deleterious economic and social effects.

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