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In Sri Lanka residential treatment facilities are available for chronic diseases.

For such diseases, Ayurvedic medicine has specials drugs and treatment."There are millions of such patients in the western world. Danister Perera said that they were hoping to integrate tourism and Ayurvedic medicine for mutual benefits.

So we hope to attract them to Sri Lanka and treat residentially’" said Dr. They explained their plan of integration under eight programmes.

Firstly, under data collection, they hope to understand the level of integration of Ayurvedic medicine with tourism.

Secondly they hope to standardization of Ayurvedic medicine treatment because many are concerned about standards.

We hope to prepare a resource base, under which they will prepare an inventory of resources available such as the number of Ayurvedic doctors, number of herbal treatment centres available and so on. George Michael, Additional Secretary of Ministry of Tourism, S.

We also hope to implement awareness programs in western countries to disseminate knowledge on these facilities.

In addition, marketing and promotions, strengthening of legal framework and institutional structure and improving the qualities of services have been included in their program.

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