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You can read more about Russia’s internet censorship law here.Sex can be a dirty business, but this is something else.Sex is messy, but most of the time you won’t take an unexpected crap in the bed. Our bodies can betray us when things come out that we wish would stay inside.When that happens to you or your partner, handle it with grace.Hygiene wasn’t Olive’s greatest skill, but she managed to keep clean and hide her eccentricities.She never ate a booger when she thought someone could see her. She chose not to shower after sex because she liked the memories the odor provided.

Olive hid these qualities when she first went out with Ben, but on one fateful dinner date she gambled on a bean soufflé and lost.After a tasty meal, Olive brought Ben back to her place for a movie and it quickly evolved into sex.Despite gentle beginnings, Olive quickly made a request.She bent over and asked Ben to stand at the foot of the bed, grab her waist, and ravage her as hard as he wanted. They positioned themselves, as Ben placed his hands around her and started to pound away.Unfortunately, with just the right amount of pressure on her stomach, Olive squeezed out a liquid fart.Much like the last bit of ketchup in the bottle, a brown, watery explosion hit Ben’s torso, neck, and chin with a slap.

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