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EPISODE 9 RECAP Soon-ae steps out of Bong-sun’s body as Sun-woo is kissing her, which means Bong-sun awakens in the moment and is rendered speechless and wide-eyed.

He’s flustered by his own actions and stammers awkwardly, but tells her that this isn’t a mistake—he means it for real.

He grabs her tight in a hug and blurts, “I don’t know whether it’s from the start, or when you changed and pursued me, or yesterday, or today.

But one thing I’m sure of—I keep missing you, and when you’re not next to me I’m uneasy.” Then he pulls back to look at her stunned face and bursts out, “So what the hell—let’s go for it.” He asks her to say something, and Bong-sun clumsily fumbles for words; she reflexively bows and says, “Th-thank you.” She tries again to say something, but he interprets her response as okay, asking if she likes him back.

She nods and replies, “Yes, Chef.” He pulls her in for a softer hug this time, and from a short distance, Soon-ae watches, looking rather morose. As they clean up the restaurant together, Sun-woo takes over mopping duties from Bong-sun, lifting her up onto the counter to seat her there as he cleans.

We are living in the end of the age- the most intense era of human existence- a time of ultimate confrontation between light and darkness.

The forces and authorities of darkness are extremely treasonous, thus, constantly unleashing fierce assault and ferocious onslaught against mankind with the aim of defiling human souls, corrupting the family institution and climatically collapsing the entire human systems.

Adversely, the body of Christ which is the prime target of the wicked one has been under siege; hence, being exceptionally pressured to lower the standard of kingdom values and compromise the fundamentals of our faith, and consequently, relinquishing her authority in the Spirit as the light of the world and salt of the earth.

…and we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Thanks for being patient while we got recaps out, since our KCON weekend took a huge chunk out of the recapping schedule.

But I’m happy to be back on track with , which continues to bring on the funny while pushing our characters on toward growth.

Our ghost is as indefatigable as ever, but turns out even the dead have a few things to learn about respect, and I’m glad to see that strides are made.

Everything gets a little more entangled and complicated, but in a good way.

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