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Nick, an excellent creative writer and illustrator, created his own comic book titled Nick Tweed-Simmons Gene Simmons Family Jewels Nick Tweed-Simmons Gene Simmons Family Jewels Sophie and Nick Tweed-Simmons Gene Simmons Family Jewels Sophie and Nick Tweed-Simmons Gene Simmons Family Jewels "Nick Simmons' Incarnate" which premieres in summer 2009. Nick has done voiceover work, is a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) member pursuing acting roles, and recently appeared in a Dr. When he's not studying or listening to blues and classic rock, Nick's other interests are girls and more girls.

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News exclusively, adding, "So you'll see pretty much every angle of me. "But would Jonas ever let it hang out by doing full-frontal nudity in front of the camera?! "If the art required it and it was a role I felt really committed to and like I had to go there with it, I would do whatever it takes to tell the story."While we try not to faint at the thought of Mr. Jonas in the buff, we asked the former Jonas Brothers bandmate if his girlfriend Olivia Culpo ever gets jealous of him showing off his body on camera or in sexy photo shoots."If so, she's pretty cool, calm and collected about it," he told us. We have a really good system with each other about those things. And there is an element that we kind of have to give to the world outside of our little bubble together, and it's about kind of defining what those lines are and going from there." premiere, Jonas also opened up about which hot Hollywood hunk he has a man crush on. Nick Tweed-Simmons stars on A&E's docu-drama series, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels." Nick Tweed-Simmons is the son of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed. When college is not in session, he lives in Los Angeles with his parents and sister Sophie.Nick is a sophomore at Pitzer College in Claremont, California.He excels in all classes but is stellar in literature, humanities and sciences. Age: 27 years old Birthday: January 22, 1989Height: 6' 7"Nickname: Nickel Full Name / Real Name: Nicholas Adam Tweed Simmons Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA Nick Tweed-Simmons Gene Simmons Family Jewels Nick Tweed-Simmons Gene Simmons Family Jewels Sophie and Nick Tweed-Simmons Gene Simmons Family Jewels Sophie and Nick Tweed-Simmons Gene Simmons Family Jewels "Shannon & Sophie" (TV show) cast and logo Rock Royalty Graces 'Shannon & Sophie' — Premiering Thursday, April 16, the new UP reality docu-series explores the close, funny mother-daughter relationship of Shannon Tweed-Simmons, actress, model and wife of KISS legendary bassist/co-lead vocalist Gene Simmons, and their daughter Sophie Tweed-Simmons, an actress, singer and fashion designer. "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" cast 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' Season 7: Shannon Wants to Adopt a Child — Premiering Monday, May 28, the new season finds the legendary rocker's daughter battling with her family over her decision. "Family Jewels" cast 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' Season 6 Gets Personal — Premiering Sunday, December 5, the new cycle of 10 episodes will open with the rock star finally facing his childhood demons and his mother's tragic past when visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. I think nick is handsome some what assertive creative defiantly full of heart but more then anything a man of a few words but as few as they are you know that family always comes first with him which make everyone love him more.

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