Liv tyler dating orlando bloom

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I also think Liv is an easy-going (hippie) chick and many men like her low-key vibe. Orlando is 36 and Liv is 36 as well (she’s six months younger, if that makes a difference). Admit it, we would judge him harshly if he started dating some 20-year-old bikini model.After Miranda Kerr, Liv might be a breath of fresh air.

While the former co-stars have been friendzies for years, things apparently only took a steamy romantic recently when an eyewitness reportedly saw the twosome canoodling backstage at the opening Waiting for Godot.

Actually the sexual tension was so built up that they continued the PDA at the after party at Bryant Park Grill.

According the the source, “They were playfully tickling, gazing into each others eyes and holding hands.” The two have been friends for years, and starred in the “Lord of the Rings” movies together.

A spokesperson for Bloom denies the tab’s report, telling London’s Daily Mail, “There is no truth in this.” Meanwhile, Us Weekly claims LIAM HEMSWORTH and MILEY CYRUS have been secretly meeting up and talking.

Following the widespread reports that Miranda Kerr is hooking up with an Australian billionaire and/or Leonardo Di Caprio, Orlando Bloom seemed to defend his estranged wife and their relationship while he was on the black carpet for two nights ago – you can read the interview here, it’s kind of boring.

He basically says that Flynn is the most important thing to him and that he (Orly) and Miranda have their priorities in order to protect Flynn. But here’s an interesting wrinkle in the Just one month after announcing his split from Victoria’s Secret beauty Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom is already being linked to a new gal pal — Lord of the Rings co-star Liv Tyler.

According to a new report from Star magazine, the two have been friends for years and recently solidified their affection for each other during a night out in New York City.An eyewitness claims Bloom and Tyler got cozy backstage during the opening night of Broadway’s Waiting for Godot and then took their PDA to the after-party at Bryant Park Grill.“When they got behind closed doors, they were playfully tickling, gazing into each other’s eyes and holding hands,” the partygoer told Star.Bloom’s relationship with Kerr lasted six years and they have one son together, so insiders say the two are keeping their new relationships low-key for now.“Miranda and Orlando are trying not to cause a scene with other people out of respect for each other,” the source said.[From Radar] Well, Liv Tyler is based in NYC and I think Orlando is sticking around NYC for the time being, so logistically, this makes sense.