Lenovo power manager gauge not updating

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This will be due to the length of time the battery has been in stock and does not affect the quality of the battery.

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Because each computer user has different habits and needs, it is difficult to predict how long a battery charge will last.

Power saving modes are recommended when the system is not in use.

These modes can be used any time to conserve power without having to first exit applications or save files.

The following three power saving modes are available: Press the keyboard function key combination Fn + F3, or set the standby timer at power management at Think Pad utility.

I have an A21M Thinkpad and just bought an extended length 6600m Ah battery to replace the 5400m Ah I had before.

It registers the capacity correctly, but will not charge the battery pack past 60%. I have tried running the battery all the way down to hibernation and then charging, but there has not been any change.

Is there possibly a problem with the battery or is there some change that needs to be made to the BIOS, etc. I really need to be able to use the full capacity of the battery as I travel for work. While it can be that your battery is bad--I would not put that at the top of the list of possible issues. In "control panel', "power options", then the "power manager" tab and hit the "launch power manager" button.

First you should insure that you have the latest bios update for your system. Go to the "battery information" tab and then hit the "battery maintenance" tab. I updated the BIOS and PM software, but my machine does not support the batt maintenance features.

Make sure the "charge threshold" is set to "always fully charge". It will take some time but it will verify that the guage program is properly set. There was no change for days, then today it decided to charge fully (cycle count got up to 4, maybe had something to do with it).

The Think Pad has a lithium-polymer (or lithium-ion for older models) battery pack which includes a microprocessor that regulates battery use and communicates the battery's status to the computer.

New Batteries Understanding the Think Pad's Battery Indicator Light Maximizing Your Battery's Life Power Saving Modes If you are leasing and NMU computer and your battery doesn't last long or is in poor condition, visit the Help Desk to recieve a new battery.

When you recieve or purchase a new battery, you may find that the battery is at or near 0% capacity.