Learning about group policy and updating administrative templates

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Robert Gadd is the co-founder and president of On Point Digital, where he directs the company’s technology strategy and vision.Robert is a recognized industry leader and frequent speaker on learning solutions and mobile-learning (m Learning) technologies.

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Prior to e Deploy, Robert was the chief technology officer of Datatec Systems, a leading systems integrator for Global 2000 companies with worldwide operations and more than 1,000 employees.

He is co-host of “This Week in m Learning,” a podcast exploring all aspects of m Learning.

Robert was awarded the Guild Master Award in 2014 for his accomplishments and contributions to the e Learning community.

Organizations are investing more in developing front-line managers. They can provide high-quality learning content and deliver engaging classroom experiences, but they face a problem in helping learners transfer skills from the classroom and apply them in the field.

The Experience API (x API) has been in production for more than two years now, and it is becoming more important for training and development teams to learn the ABCs of this available set of technologies.

Heed the call of that morning school bell and come ready to learn your ABCs.

“A” is for the attributes, “B” is for benefits, and “C” is for the challenges of the x API experienced to date.

“A” is for the attributes: In this session, we will first discuss what the x API really is, how statements are structured, and how we typically see it being put into practice.

“B” is for benefits: We plan to explore how the x API is being leveraged by progressive organizations to improve the learning experience, streamline tracking, perform common tasks, and drive engagement.

Finally, “C” is for the myriad of challenges: Just because it’s out there doesn‘t mean your team will have the right platforms, tools, and mindset to take advantage of all the features (attributes) and benefits the x API has to offer.

In this session, you will learn: Audience: Novice to advanced designers, developers, project managers, directors, and senior leaders.

Technology discussed in this session: Examples of how the x API is used within a variety of content authoring tools, how statements are collected using both integrated and remote learning record stores, and how x API statements can be applied to traditional training and informal learning interactions alike—to automated tasks like streamlining learning progress, monitoring event attendance, reporting progress from other external applications and platforms, managing shared and private message threads, and organizing third party activity streams.