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The tropical islands remain as one of the most popular holiday destination for Chinese travellers after Thailand's Phuket and South Korea's Jeju island.The number of Chinese tourists continue to climb over the past few years with an increasing number ...

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The country's Social Development Network has personals on their website and ...

Asian Date, the best online dating website to meet an Asian match, has announced the names of its best four summer music festivals in Asia.

Music can be a powerful way to bond for couples sharing the same passion and taste in music. Alina Shamsutdinova thinks she can't dress up to her potential in South Korea.

The 23-year-old Kazakhstani arrived in Seoul in 2011, as an international student, in hopes to learn about the country of her ethnic origin. For many Koreans dating is with one thing in mind: marriage. Upon meeting single Koreans (guys and gals), especially since I am married, I invariably get the request to introduce them to some nice person.

It's quite flattering at first, but then you get to notice a pattern here.

Koreans are often introduced by friends, relatives and (in rarer cases now) matchmakers.

They are so busy studying (when they're younger) and working (when they're older) that they have little chance to mix-and-mingle--and when they do go out on the town it is usually in same-sex groups or with relatives or co-workers (which, it seems, are off-limits).If a date is one-on-one it is called a so-gay-ting (weird name) and if double ot triple dating it's called a mee-ting.Before a first date (or 5 minutes into one) each party will likely know the other's (i) graduation year and school (and job and title), (ii) birthday, (iii) family and religious background (including father's job), and likely (iv) salary and (v) goals.This is one of the few areas that Korea is extremely efficient in. Very matter-of-fact (and rather an oddity here, given Koreans penchant for high emotion--e.g., football matches).They usually meet at a trendy cafe and exchange vital information. Parents then, usually, cover the wedding and help set up the couple and off they go to make a family.Finding singles online was never easy but Mate4took a revolutionary step in online dating and made dating available to all with 100% free dating service.