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= 'undefined') { myhate[myhate.length] = a; } if (typeof favs ! 7 : 2; pic = won_domain+'/photo-cams-r40-s'+gender_code+'-b'+a.stream.m+'.'+a.stream.pp+'._640.gif'; }else{ return ""; //exclude model without thumbnail } var mystream_id = '' ! '' : ' '; // T - denotes that stream would be otherwise not shown, cuz of banned country or state if (a.stream['T'] == 1 && mystream_id/1 !

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element['o'] == 'MM'));}, 'won_new' : function (element, index, array) { return ( element['h']/1 = new_streams && element['ft'] !online ) { var link = '/' + stream_name } else { var link = '/p/register.cgi? Adult webcam chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with hot singles from around the world." You have discovered the ultimate way to meet other adult singles for flirting, dating or just to make new friends that has ever been created.Hook-up with a live, webcam community that is world wide, truly international.

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