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Archives collect and preserve original documents of organizations such as churches or governments.Libraries generally collect published sources such as books, maps, and microfilm.

Although, the records you need may be in a foreign archive or library, the Family History Library may have a microfilm copy of them.

Check the Family Search Catalog before writing to or visiting archives in the Commonwealth of Independent States (hereafter CIS) or Germany.

If you plan to visit one of these repositories, check their website, or contact the organization and ask for information about their collection, hours, services, fees, and whether they allow visitors.

For further information about the collection try looking in the Family Search Catalog Author/Title Search under the archive name for inventories and registers.

You could also try the Family Search Catalog Place Search under the place where the archive is located and the topic “Archives and Libraries.” There are six major types of genealogical repositories for records about Germans from Russia: Many large collections of Germans from Russia records exist in Central Europe as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Soviet archives centralized vast holdings of church and vital records dating from 1722 to 1917.

By so doing they have assisted in preserving records that might otherwise have been lost or destroyed.

Archives in Russia and other former Soviet regions are, at best, very difficult to deal with and at worst, impossible to deal with. Petersburg are completely closed (as of 2009) to any form of research.

Research in these archives is best left to the most experienced of genealogists, and in particular, those with ready access to those sources.

Some of the Germans from Russia societies have made special arrangements to work in some archives.

Such societies are the best starting point for research.

Included in these systems are traditional provincial and country archives.