Frum dating for sex

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Frum dating for sex

Do you think that an individual who has a history of being sexually inappropriate on dates should be allowed to date on Frumster?

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My parents never sat me down to talk about what happens between a husband and a wife behind locked doors. Never a conversation about how our bodies transform during puberty and why suddenly the boys on the other side of the mechitza sparked my interest…

why eye contact with them seemed illicit, yet exciting. You could say there was something decidedly dichotomous about my childhood.

Strict Middle Eastern parents and all the cultural taboos that come along with that (No boys! Strict yeshiva schooling with all the firm boundaries that come along with that (No boys! (One time I stumbled upon this movie, The Bachelor Party, on cable.

) Yet still, in our home, we were not completely shut out to secular influences. I prayed fervently for a month to forget the image of the scantily dressed, dancing girls at the pool party.

I just couldn’t shake it off.) I often stole a glance here and there of my grandmother’s favorite soap operas on daytime television.

Even with all the rules and boundaries, an insulated childhood was not mine. Visibly uncomfortable, she paused, looked at me and said: “You’ll find out when you’re older.” I got the message, loud and clear. Yocheved is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, educator and - most importantly! She is also the Executive Director of Lamplighters Yeshivah, a Chassidic Montessori school she co-founded in 2010, whose mission is to revolutionize Jewish education and reach every child.

I remember watching a late night TV one time with my mom… One of the talk show guests was describing some sort of sexual escapade, an activity I had never heard of before. So no, there was never this fuzzy moment over hot chocolate and warm cookies where my mom had the talk with me about “the birds and the bees.” (I don’t blame my mother for this. I doubt her mother spoke to her much about the topic, either.) Surely, we never spoke about such things in school. Hevria is a combination of the words "Hevreh" and "Bria" in Hebrew, which mean "group of friends" and "creation." We are a group devoted to spreading the idea of positive creation in a spiritual context.

Yes, we learnt all the laws surrounding modesty- usually as it related to the exacting laws of modest dress.

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