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You can turn them all off within Windows 10, but these options are buried in Windows 10's system menu, so I like that Iolo makes them easily accessible.I was able to disable the settings in just a few mouse clicks with Iolo System Mechanic.

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The Overview screen opens by default when the program is launched, and it's here that the Repair Now button appears if Iolo detects a problem.

Clicking the icon causes Iolo to launch the approriate system-fixing tool, such as a defragger.

Another useful tune-up tool is Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers (CRUDD), a feature that removes the useless files that clog your PC.

The idea behind the enhanced CRUDD is to eliminate the bundled, extra programs that live on your PC after you install a program.

If your PC isn't booting or loading applications at the same pace that it did when you first unboxed it, download Iolo System Mechanic 15.5.

This excellent tune-up utility dramatically improves your PC's performance by defragging the hard drive, repairing Windows's troublesome Registry, tweaking CPU and RAM usage in real time, and more.

With version 15.5, Iolo System Mechanic includes Windows 10-specific privacy tools.

Iolo System Mechanic 15 is pricier than some of its competition (such as Slimware Utilities Slim Cleaner Plus), but it comes packed with features that make it worth the extra money.

It's our Editors' Choice for paid tune-up applications. Iolo System Mechanic 15.5's interface has several options in the left pane that have their own individual subcategories that let you run specific tune-up tools—more on those in a minute.

Getting Started Iolo System Mechanic 15.5, which costs a relatively pricey .95 per year, is compatible with all PCs running Windows XP and later, including Windows 10. This time around there are new Windows 10-specific privacy tools designed to keep Microsoft from scouring your personal data.

Unlike most PC tune-up utilities, including IObit Advanced System Care 9 Pro and PC Tools Performance Toolkit, which limit you to three licenses, Iolo System Mechanic 15.5 lets you install the software on any number of computers, provided that it's not for business purposes. This Privacy Shield suite, which lets you disable Wi-Fi Sense, Smart Screen Service, and Microsoft Data Collection and Telemetry Services, prevents the involuntary collection and sharing of your personal information.

It lets you disable Windows 10 services that share your Wi-Fi network connections with your contacts, as well as those that collect information regarding your Web surfing habits, program usage, and more.

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