Enterprise vault error validating a partition network share

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The previous parts of this manual described the basic architecture of Oracle Database.

The credential may be a password, Kerberos ticket, or public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate.

You can configure database security to lock accounts based on failed login attempts.

Privileges are granted to users at the discretion of other users.

Administrators should grant privileges to users so they can accomplish tasks required for their jobs.

Good security practice involves granting a privilege only to a user who requires that privilege to accomplish the necessary work.

A is a named group of related privileges that you grant to users or other roles.

A role helps manage privileges for a database application or user group. The roles Profiles provide a single point of reference for users that share a set of attributes.You can assign a profile to one set of users, and a default profile to all others.Each user has at most one profile assigned at any point in time.is the process by which a user presents credentials to the database, which verifies the credentials and allows access to the database.Validating the identity establishes a trust relationship for further interactions.Authentication also enables accountability by making it possible to link access and actions to specific identities.