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A different type of museum entirely is the Dacian and Roman Civilization Museum in Deva, Romania.

For one thing, unlike Athens last week, this museum serves numerous functions for the region, including as the local natural history museum as well as the home of galleries for modern Romanian history.

The museum is housed in the historic Palace Magna Curia, the oldest building preserved within Deva, which was largely rebuilt during the Soviet Era.

The museum displays its numismatic materials throughout its historical galleries, but currently displays a large exhibit of coin hoards, the majority of which have been found within the county limits.

These coins range in date from Greek coins to the early modern period and include some truly rare and impressive objects.

The most interesting of these were a collection of the so-called Koson-type coins, which were local Dacian (pre-Roman Romanian) imitations of Roman Republican denarii (the prototype is believed to be a coin of Brutus’ c.54 BCE) in gold.

The word Koson on the coins in Greek is believed to refer to an otherwise unknown king of the Dacians.

The coin shown above is an example of these interesting coins that this collection was displaying this summer.