Coping with dating violence

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Coping with dating violence - sagittarius star sign compatibility chart dating

It can happen whether you are young or old, and in heterosexual or same-sex relationships.

You may think that behaviors like calling you names or insisting on seeing you all the time are a "normal" part of relationships.But they can lead to more serious kinds of abuse, like hitting, stalking, or preventing you from using birth control.Learn more about the warning signs of abuse and the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.Dating violence can cause serious harm to your body and your emotions. Return to top In the United States, teens and young women experience the highest rates of relationship violence.Dating abuse is on the rise in high schools and colleges—it is a serious problem that affects many teens, female and male.This program listens to the experiences of four girls and one boy who vividly describe their experiences and offer advice on what to do if you are being abused and how/where to get help.

Program describes five types of dating abuse: physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, and social media based.Particular attention is paid to Internet dating which is gaining in popularity and has its own unique dangers.Viewers learn the warning signs of potential abuse situations and how to help others who are caught in abusive relationships.Dating violence is when one person purposely hurts or scares someone they are dating.Dating violence happens to people of all races, cultures, incomes, and education levels.It can happen on a first date, or when you are deeply in love.

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