College dating steps

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College dating steps

I had this gnawing feeling the Lord wanted us to break up, but I wouldn’t listen.

She and I finally got enough courage to bring up the subject, talk and make a decision.

Using our heads and not just our hearts, we broke up because we felt it was God’s will.

That night I went and hid in a dark, empty classroom and cried for three hours.

Not because I felt sad or jilted, but because 100-pound weights had been taken off my shoulders.

I’m not very emotional, but that night there was a steady stream of joyous tears signaling I was finally free!

Having fully obeyed, I was now willing to do God wanted me to.

This gave me the courage to make another important decision that night.For the rest of my college years, I resolved I would develop friendships with Christian girls, not romances.Making a commitment like this may sound radical and unrealistic to some, but for me, it was a choice that allowed me to develop the personal and spiritual foundation I would need to last a lifetime.Spending those college years building genuine brother-sister relationships with girls, along with studying the Scriptures to learn what a godly relationship looked like, aided me in piecing together a Christ-honoring plan that would help me be successful in this modern day, mostly American concept we call “dating.” Just because we can’t find dating in the Bible or in most countries around the world doesn't make it wrong.But I want to warn you ─ if you follow these “6 Steps to Great Dating,” you will need to go against the grain of your culture.You'll also be pleasing to God and preparing yourself for an awesome marriage someday. “You will marry that you date” may be one of the few original things I’ve ever uttered.