Cancer man dating sagittarius woman

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Cancer man dating sagittarius woman - dating service in austin tx

This is why Sagittarius and Cancer are so good together in business.

Although he tends to be funny, charming and somewhat old-fashioned in a charming way, he can also be quite possessive.

He likes to know where his things are, and where people stand.

He's likely to trust you because of your honesty, but your direct and freedom-loving nature may stimulate his suspicions, and your frank way of expressing yourself may unset his sensitive and tender nature.

The chemistry between you is good, but you're probably not the type of person to constantly express regret.

By Brian Palenske Our Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 5.

Because your elements are antagonistic and your qualities are different, this is a difficult pair of signs for romantic relationships. For this to work well there needs to be some change and understanding on both sides.

Fire vs Water - Fire Signs, like yours, tend to be more outgoing and impulsive, while Water Signs, like Cancer, tend to be more subjective and nurturing.

Because your two sign's astral qualities are not the same, there are likely to be differences between you that are hard to resolve.

Mutable vs Cardinal - Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign; adaptable and communicative.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign; leadership-oriented and, in a way, commanding.

These qualities are not necessarily bad for one another, but the discord between your astral elements makes it difficult for your inner natures to cooperate.

Jupiter vs the Moon & Jupiter - Your ruling planet is Jupiter, and Cancer's ruling planet is the Moon; their combination in predictive astrology is famous for improving the quality of life.

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