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Autodating ru

Looks like Archie and Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats are having a little "secret" romance.

PPP uses a number of files to connect and set up a ppp connection.These differ in name and location between PPP 2.1.2 and 2.2.For PPP 2.1.2 the files are:- /usr/sbin/pppd # the ppp binary /usr/sbin/ppp-on # the dialer/connection script /usr/sbin/ppp-off # the disconnection script /etc/ppp/options # the options pppd uses for all connections /etc/ppp/XX # the option specific to a connection on this port /usr/sbin/pppd # the ppp binary /etc/ppp/scripts/ppp-on # the dialer/connection script /etc/ppp/scripts/ppp-on-dialer # part 1 of the dialer script /etc/ppp/scripts/ppp-off # the actual chat script itself /etc/ppp/options # the options pppd uses for all connections /etc/ppp/XX # the option specific to a connection on this port If it does not exist - create it.If the directory already existed, it should contain a template options file called Print it out as it contains an explanation of all the PPP options (these are useful to read in conjunction with the pppd man pages).I enjoy the Millionaire Matchmaker as much as the next couch potato, but there’s something about Patti Stanger’s “tough love” critiquing that irks the hell outta me.It’s her outright rejection of short and /or curly hair, and the blanket statement that men with money are not attracted to these attributes.

I’m not the only one who’s just a little bit annoyed by this – the lovely ladies at Naturally Curly have created a Facebook Group dedicated to stopping the “curl bashing”.

But from my vantage point, I take issue with her views for two reasons: 1) I have extremely curly hair, which I wore long for quite some time, and I now wear super duper short (basically, I asked my stylist for a little boy’s haircut, haha).

And here’s what I know, from personal experience: 10 times out of 10 men very much prefer my hair curly to straight. If you’re a Black woman, your hair is curly by nature. So Patti seems to be advocating relaxers (you know, those chemicals that can burn through a plastic cup if left for a couple days…those chemicals that make hair break and fall out - super great stuff) and curling irons (straight from the horse’s mouth, on her Facebook page: “I like stylish curly/wavy hair, but my millionaire men don't. Either that, or she’s saying men are fundamentally NOT attracted to us.

And – to my surprise, actually – I've gotten more attention wearing my hair short than long. Boo for Black women, tough luck, we won’t find love because our hair isn’t desirable to men as a species.

Because all men think alike, after all – or at least men with money do.

But whatever, this plot twist was too good to pass up.