Australian romances sydney dating in sydney

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Australian romances sydney dating in sydney

Back in August, a blogger, Brunette, suggested it "may be because Caucasian men are seen as more 'masculine' so it's a bit of a status symbol for Asian girls to date or marry them".

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When people hear/see that enough times, they start to believe it." Which sounds fairly reasonable, but doesn't explain why Pete, who's 180 centimetres tall and 85 kilograms, could easily kick most guys arses and tore it up in the surf still got nought in the pub.

I asked Peter why he thought this was and he said "it's probably because Aussie chicks aren't used to talking to Asian guys.

It's just what you're brought up with." "Guys usually do the cracking on to girls, so Asian girls get approached a lot more by Aussie guys," he says.

"Also a lot of Asian guys, when they're growing up, they get hassled by their parents to marry an Asian girl, and because there's so many Asian chicks around, it's just an easier option." Having married a Caucasian girl and since had a child with her, Peter is well aware of the consequences of bucking tradition: his mother refused to come to his wedding.

in which I speculated that a lot of knee-jerk racism towards Asians seemed to be dissolving as the new generation of Asian-Aussie kids developed thick local accents.

Many of the people who posted expressed joy someone had written a positive article about integration, citing the profusion of mixed-race relationships in Australia as further proof of our growing tolerance.

However, a number of readers highlighted an anomaly when it came to Asians dating "white" Australians.While it's fairly commonplace to see white guys with Asian girls, the opposite – a white girl dating an Asian man – is still something of a rarity ...In my original post, I talked about my mate, Pete, a full-blood Korean who I'd grown up with, watching him rip in the surf and struggle in the pub with Aussie girls.There wasn't a harder gig in the 80s than being Asian and trying your luck with surfer girls – even some of the most polite, well-brought up chicks I knew back then ruled out the possibility of a relationship with an Asian man, based solely on race.On the other hand, almost every guy I know has at some stage dated an Asian girl or is at least open to the possibility.I don't want to confuse my own experience for the wider world's but the number of emails I received back in August from Asian guys suggests this difference between the sexes is something they're genuinely bemused by.

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