Asian speed dating new york

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Asian speed dating new york - amerie dating trey songz

A speed-dating veteran, who goes by “Junior,” extended a sweaty palm for an inappropriately long handshake.

When he gave me a wide, unselfconscious grin, I knew I would be in for a long night.After a few more minutes of waiting around, a slim brown girl in a perfectly-fitted, short red dress began to usher all thirty-six of us into the bar’s private lounge.Like herds of cattle being readied for an auction, we each received a number.Girls sat at a table with their designated number and with the sound of a bell, the men rotated from table to table so that by the end, each participant had gone on eighteen dates.On a cold New York night in a dimly lit dive in the Lower East Side, I went on eighteen dates in exactly ninety minutes.A close friend from college forwarded me an e-mail with details about a South Asian Muslim speed dating event.

With the curiosity of an amateur anthropologist and the idealism of a single girl hoping to finally meet a guy to take home to her parents, I decided to sign up and walked into the evening with an intrigued and open mind.

The e-mail instructed participants to arrive promptly at pm.

Given the Desi propensity for lateness, I thought this would be the first obstacle to culturally adapting speed dating to a South Asian audience. Participants not only showed up on time, but the vast majority arrived early to smoke sheesha and warm up with pre-event mingling in the common bar area.

Showing up solo, I initially felt intimidated and out of place.

To calm my nerves, I quickly befriended a couple of girls nervously sipping their grapefruit pink and lime green martinis.

They were already giddily exchanging glances with our communal male dates for the evening.