Amazing sex dating someone with herpes

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Amazing sex dating someone with herpes

Although there is no remedy for the disease till date, there are ways through which you can reduce the risk of herpes transmission.

This is why taking preventive measures is essential than spreading or catching the virus while getting physically involved with someone.

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When you get sexually intimate someone, the emotions are at their peak, which makes you forget about safe sex and the consequences of having sex with someone suffering from a sexually transmitted disease.

One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases is herpes, about which most of the people are not even aware.

Herpes infects the body when the herpes simplex type virus attacks the body.This virus usually infects the genital parts, the cervix and the surrounding area, which further spreads the virus when a person comes physically in contact with someone else.The symptoms of this disease vary from person to person.Living with herpes is not easy as the symptoms causes a lot of discomfort and inconvenience to the infected person.The most common symptoms are small blisters around the genitals, which eventually break open and produce painful, raw sores.This is then accompanied by swollen lymph nodes, flu-like condition, pain and itchiness while passing urine, red are around the genitals, backache, headache and fatigue.