Am i dating a gold digger

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Am i dating a gold digger - benefits dating man 10 years older

Liverpool self-confessed gold digger Laura Boylan left Holly Willoughby stunned for agreeing to go on a date after she was promised a diamond ring, live on air.

After some hard questions from presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her reasons for dating men for money, Laura said she had refused to give Mark her phone number backstage.Mark, who was admitted he was happy to date women who were only interested in his money, was sure Laura would eventually give him her digits.Laura confessed that Mark would normally be the type of guy she would date, but was put off when he revealed he had only spent £54 on dating women this year."That's a lie," Laura said, "That's only the cost of dinner. " Asked by Holly and Phil if she would consider a date with Mark if he splashed the cash, she was hesitant until the businessman added: "I will buy her a diamond ring for £35,000." After moaning previously that a past date had bought her an engagement ring claiming it cost £33,000 but was actually valued at £5,000, she jumped at the chance to snag some expensive jewels."Ok, we will go on a date," she laughed in an almost immediate response.Phil had grilled Laura on her boundaries for dating after she explained that she would hunt down the wealthiest guys to bag herself designer handbags and fancy dinner dates. We just usually go for meal, holidays things like that," the 31-year-old said. " But the mum-of-two confirmed that was never on the agenda, answering: "No, never." Explaining that she would never tell her potential suitors that, Phil joked: "Well they're going to know that now!

" Asked whether she was leading them on she admitted she was, and was happy to be open about it. I'm sure after it comes out they are going to know a bit more.

Laura also revealed that her two children, aged 11 and 13, were unaware of her lifestyle but said she had no worries about what they would think of her.

When Holly and Phil first asked Laura whether she would date Vanderpump, who is the brother of Real Housewife star Lisa Vanderpump, she turned him down after he revealed he only spent £54 on dating women this year.

Laura Boylan, 31, from Liverpool, has no qualms about dating rich men if they bestow her with gifts galore.

She even reveals in new Channel 5 show Gold Digger and Proud how she plans to enjoy a £33,000 engagement ring..has no plans to wed the man giving it to her Wealthy Essex businessman and DJ Mark Vanderpump, 56, says that his money means he can date younger ladies who wouldn't be interested in him otherwise.

Pictured above with 27-year-old Brazilian Rosana who Mark flew in for a date Diamond digger: Noelie Goforth, a 46-year-old former shop girl from Doncaster hit the jackpot when she married wealthy husband Robin, who thinks nothing of splashing out £200,000 on one shopping spree In a shameless admission, Laura admits that she teases men into giving more and more but jumps ship when things look like getting too serious and reveals that a recent suitor has promised her an engagement ring worth £33,000 pounds, something she plans to take - before ditching him While he admits that he knows the women in his life are only after one thing, he says he would like something more meaningful and, as is shown on the show, even flies 27-year-old Brazilian Rosana across the Atlantic for a lavish weekend of shopping and dining.

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