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My name is Melody, 29 years old and was born in Montreal. Sickness: Diagnosed May '00 Back in '95, started with this nagging cough that would come and go. The cough would come for about 2 weeks then disappear for 3-4 months. March '00, I was let go from work 'cause of cutbacks, (co. Now I'm on watch and wait for the next five (5) years. I felt a lump in my neck I can't remember when, it came and went many times.

I moved down in June '95 and starting working in Downtown closed) and my dad was coming down to do some work on our house. Later that night, my gp called and said, "Based on looking at other patients xrays, the radiologist and myself feel that you have lymphoma with an accuracy rate of 95%". The doc has told me that if I can get pass 5 years with no re-occurence, then I'm cancer free. Does it feel great images/icons/images/icons/I didn't go into a lot of details like other people, I was trying to make it short and sweet, but to the point of exactly what happened. I smoked and started having a persistant cough but didn't think too much of it "smokers cough" but my friends who smoked didn't have it and they smoked just as much or more.Outside doing gardening, painting, I went inside to wash my hands and had an itch in my neck just above the right collar bone. I freaked images/icons/Had supper, then went to the walk in clinic. Now try and sit back on the phone and digest that in one gulp!! Finally got home and started the follow up radiation in Dec. In May of 2000 a bunch of us nurses who worked together joined the Rosie O'Donnell "Chub Club" and we dieted. to 155, I looked pretty good and was happy about the weight loss. Then I knew something was wrong and the lump in my neck was getting bigger. I waited and waited hoping and praying the lump would go away but it didn't.Ended up seeing the surgeon 2 days later to be booked in 4 days later for the biopsy. It just got worst and I started to notice myself getting pale. I had severe back pain but thought my job as an orthopedic nurse for 15years had destroyed my back I finally went to the doctor, an onc. My hemaglobin was 8 and he was very concerned because there was blood in my stool.Surgeon confirmed without a doubt that it was lymphoma, but not the type. Had a biopsy on July 23 which first came back as non-hodgkins but finally pathology the next day confirmed HD, stage IIIB. Had porta-cath inserted, first chemo ABVD, and 2 units of blood on July 30th.Waited 2 weeks to finally be told, Hodgkins Lymphoma Nodular Sclerosis Type IIB. Back to the drawing table, however, this time with a new onc. ) The plan was to start Mini-BEAM for either 2 or 3 months. Had an endoscopy and colonoscopy on Aug 2 to see about the bleeding.

I sat there and just broke down in tears images/icons/Saw the onc. My onc.'s colleague was on duty and admitted me to the hospital. It consisted of being in the hospital for 6 days getting chemo every day, however, the chemo only lasted as follows: Day1: 2.5 hours Day 2-5: 30 minutes Day 6: 10 minutes I completed the month of March and April. No bleeding, conclusion over-use of aspirin and naprosin and stress(of not facing the problems) caused the bleeding and I healed quickly.2 weeks later to have all the pre-tests booked and plan out the treatment. The chest ones were creating a fluid build up in the lungs. Within 2 days all tests were done, the next day, I had my first treatment of ABVD. I was so excited images/icons/Radiation was to start on Jan. Then I was told that the follow up was a stem cell transplant. Continued with 6 months, 12 cycles of ABVD, without many complications or side effects.According to the onc., my lungs were clear and that I would be fine for the next 2 weeks while he was on vacation. Three (3) days later I landed in ER with breathing problems and was put on oxygen. My treatment plan was ABVD for 6 months, every 2 weeks, followed by 1 week of Neupogen shots. CT scan on Jan 9 showed much improvement but disease was not gone. wanted me to go and see a SCT specialist, which I did on Mon. Next week more tests and then we will see what is the next step.During that period, I was home with oxygen for 3 months, 7/24, having my lungs drained every 3 weeks, when finally one lung collapsed. I am 37 and have been married to a former marine and present police officer for 16 1/2 years and have wonderful 4 children; Colette 14(graduates 8th grade in June), Brendan 12, Bryan 10(will be on Feb 16), and my baby Connor 8.My parents and in-laws are all deceased and that makes the prospect of having a SCT all the more scary.But I do have wonderful brothers, sisters-in-laws and friends. Kathy [ January 23, 2002: Message edited by: KR, Rn ] [ January 24, 2002: Message edited by: KR, Rn ]I had written this up a while ago - it was a quasi-journal of the diagnosis and crystalized a lot about what happened the first few weeks - hope it's not too long. My husband had no symptoms to indicate anything was wrong.

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