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Migrating systems to the public cloud requires many steps. Here are five ways IT pros can make sure their company is getting a return on its cloud investment.

The two most popular services are Iaa S and Saa S for IT departments looking to save money.In the age of Dev Ops, it's not unusual for a non-development IT manager to be charged with overseeing the dev team. But with the right attitude -- and these seven tips -- you can make sure that your move to managing developers is successful.When Andrew Horne, IT practice leader at consulting firm CEB, talks with IT professionals about digitization, the term itself is often greeted with eye rolling.But it's a buzzword business leaders are excited about.Horne shares his insights on how CIOs and other IT leaders can help define it in concrete terms -- and move the business forward in the process.A strong disaster recovery plan is key to keeping your business going in the face of a very bad, no good, horrible day.

Here are nine steps IT pros should not skip in their planning and preparation for the worst.

Blockchain, smart contracts, and predictive analytics are among the financial service technologies reshaping the ways transactions are conducted and customers are served.

With a rash of startups threatening to disrupt legacy operations, organizations of all sizes are turning to the latest technologies to improve their offerings.

Whether you are an IT pro looking to add data analytics and data science skills to your repertoire, or you are looking to make a career change from IT to the data analytics field, here are seven tips that can give you a head start.

Brian Lee, a practice leader in CEBs compliance and legal practice, keeps a keen eye on the information overload happening at enterprises.

Here he provides insight into the dangers of collecting data for its own sake, and offers six questions IT professionals can start asking to create a sensible data retention strategy.

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